Reimagining Global Education Through Dynamic Learning

PostPossible™ is an innovative platform designed for 21st century, connected environments, serving businesses, non-profit organizations, and authors. Moreover, it also offers most of the same features in low-and no-bandwidth settings. It provides customers an interactive platform for distributing multimedia digital content, combined with real-time data analytics. It makes possible the levelling of the information and educational playing field worldwide. And it moves beyond the possible to the ‘PostPossible’ by supporting content creators who want to take advantage of new thinking in how to build interactive, media-rich content designed for the learning styles and preferences of digital native students around the world.


Real-time data analytics lets you understand how users are consuming your content and measure its effectiveness.


Users not only engage with the content but can participate in two-way communication providing real- or near-real-time feedback.


Content is hosted in a globally decentralized system, allowing access to everyone, everywhere—even with limited or no internet.


PostPossible™ was founded on the belief that everyone, everywhere deserves the opportunity, tools, and education to fulfill their potential with dignity, well-being, and purpose. We believe in creatively applying technology to help content creators solve their problems, and those facing humanity.

PostPossible™ is a multi-media, multi-lingual, interactive platform that allows the best content to be brought to and delivered to the planet’s most difficult places. We are working with the world’s foremost thinkers to reimagine how to bring the best informational and educational resources, tools, and pedagogy to those most in need, and to reimagine how to construct those resources for today’s demanding, tech-savvy learners wherever they may be found—in Houston or Harari, in Madagascar or at NASCAR. PostPossible is being used in all 50 states, and around the world by businesses, schools, and individuals and organizations with something to say, and an audience eager to learn.


Organizations produce great materials to reduce poverty, increase health, and improve overall well-being. Their effectiveness frequently suffers, however, from two problems; lack of reliable internet, and poor feedback mechanisms to learn what works and what doesn’t. Post Possible™ solves both problems. The platform makes possible connecting and interacting globally with low- and intermittently connected users. It is designed to allow offline, viral distribution of even high bandwidth content when necessary. And built-in monitoring and question-and-answer systems connect end-users with organizations. But we also go beyond the possible by working with organizations to rethink and reshape the content they create, helping them make their content dynamic—built around how people learn in a smartphone world. We help them move their organization from the Possible, to the ‘PostPossible’!


In the for-profit world, measuring success is easy; you look at the bottom line. In the non-profit world, things are different. Funders today demand that organizations report not just on output, but also outcomes and impact. PostPossible™ provides in-depth data analytics on how content and materials are being distributed, their usage, and the impact on end-users. Funders can compare different organizations within a single organization, zooming down to the local level, and back up to the global.


Businesses invest heavily in producing everything from catalogs and user manuals for customers to HR, compliance documents, and training courses for employees. Can you imagine knowing how your materials were actually used by your customers? Can you imagine verifying not only that your employees had read the Employee Handbook, but had also understood it? Can you imagine compliance and staff development courses going from being drab and boilerplate to engaging and interesting? We can make that possible, too!


Individual authors whose works share and foster a MindMaking vision can use PostPossible™ as a publishing platform for their creative output, as well. PostPossible™ can seamlessly integrate images and videos, tables, charts, and graphic art. Its text is capable of rendering mathematical, chemical, and scientific notation. What’s more, unlike most self-publishing platforms, PostPossible™ gives authors full access to data analytics and allows authors to interact directly with their fans through the e-Reader, itself.

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